Ande Lister

It’s human nature to hold our feelings close. But I believe it’s what we’re willing to share that opens us to possibilities.

My technique begins with applications of thinned acrylics poured, dripped and brushed onto canvas. Each stroke and calligraphic mark builds layers of uncompromised color that urge you to take a closer look. My paintings use a visual language to share my thoughts and emotions, because for me, words and gestures can never be as descriptive or as fluid as the moments that make up my life. 

I’ve painted for most of my life, but began to call myself a painter after completing two years of graduate level painting studio at the University of Illinois, where I earned a Masters Degree in Art Education. I had the great joy of working as an artist in residence for 10 years at the Contemporary Art Center in Peoria, Illinois, prior to moving to Gainesville, Florida in 2007 with my husband. I have work exhibited in private and corporate collections throughout the country. 

My work is how I pour out my feelings. How does it work for you?